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-====== Mozilla NSS ====== 
-Adaptation of the opsi-template scripts for Mozilla NSS. \\ 
-Get it here, current version 3.20:\\ 
-(This includes the binaries, and the opsi script files.)\\ 
-There are no standard Windows binaries available, so you would have to compile NSS yourself. Of course there is an older version in binary available, but the compiling isn't very hard to do.\\ 
-These two pages provide the information you need, and which I used:\\ 
-If you do not want to compile it yourself, grab the zip file mentioned earlier.\\ 
-Do look at the setup script, for the Windows version we copy a few dll files to the installation directory. If these are missing NSS will not work, and this has probably caused some confusion in the past.\\ 
-<code winst> 
-copy -s "%ScriptPath%\files\bin\*" "$InstallDir32$" 
-; Copy all dlls from lib directory 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\freebl3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\nss3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\nssckbi.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\nssdbm3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\nssutil3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\smime3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\softokn3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\sqlite3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-copy "%ScriptPath%\files\lib\libssl3.dll" "$InstallDir32$" 
-Why didn't I use *.dll here? Oh well..\\ 
-==== control file ==== 
-<code winst> 
-version: 1 
-incremental: False 
-type: localboot 
-id: mozilla-nss 
-name: Mozilla NSS 
-description: Network Security Services (NSS) is a set of libraries to support security-enabled client and server applications. NSS can support SSLv2, SSLv3, TLS, PKCS5, PKCS7, PKCS11, PKCS12, S/MIME, X.509 v3 certificates and other security standards. 
-advice: This package is needed for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, to edit their certificate storages. 
-version: 3.19.1 
-priority: 0 
-licenseRequired: False 
-setupScript: setup3264.ins 
-uninstallScript: uninstall3264.ins 
-mozilla-nss (3.17.3-1) testing; urgency=low 
-  * Initial package 
- -- ICT <>  Thu, 18 Dec 2014 00:27:48 +0000 
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