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-====== Description ====== 
-This Script can be used as a cronjob to make all clients do a hwaudit and swaudit on a regular basis. 
-The script dies only work with MySQL-Backend (probably also works when using free variant with only inventory in DB!) 
-====== Usage ====== 
-''./opsi-audit-cron.php [-d] [-t]'' 
-  * -d Enables Debug-Output for diagnostic 
-  * -t Enables Trace-Output (e.g. returned Data from RPC-Call) - Does not imply Debug! 
-For Cronjobs you should use some output redirection. For example like that: 
-''./opsi-audit-cron.php >> /var/log/opsi/opsi-audit-cron.log'' 
-====== Code ====== 
-As this wiki is pissing me off you can find the code here: 
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