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jester Moved sub_check_exitcode up, otherwise it can generate exitcode: 1619 / LogLevel depricated => SetLogLevel / Some minor translation changes
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Line 230: Line 230:
         comment "Removing "+$InstallDir32$         comment "Removing "+$InstallDir32$
         Files_uninstall_32         Files_uninstall_32
 if ($INST_SystemType$ = "64 Bit System") and (($INST_architecture$ = "system specific") or ($INST_architecture$ = "both") or ($INST_architecture$ = "64 only")) if ($INST_SystemType$ = "64 Bit System") and (($INST_architecture$ = "system specific") or ($INST_architecture$ = "both") or ($INST_architecture$ = "64 only"))
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