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 +====== +++ Since new OPSI KIOSK application, this is not necessary anymore +++ ======
 ======ImportCert====== ======ImportCert======
 Script by tobias \\ Script by tobias \\
 Comments and improvements welcome \\ Comments and improvements welcome \\
 +This script comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY \\
 Tested with opsi 4.0.2 \\ Tested with opsi 4.0.2 \\
Line 15: Line 19:
 Achtung: Firefox verwendet nicht den Windows Zertifikatsspeicher !\\ Achtung: Firefox verwendet nicht den Windows Zertifikatsspeicher !\\
-You need the CertMgr.Exe +( comment from wolfbardo : you can use the mozilla-nss utils to import in mozilla certifikate storage \\  
 +see ) \\ 
 +You need the CertMgr.Exe. \\ 
 +Copy this tool into your package folder (%SCRIPTPATH%)\\ 
 +CertMgr is available as part of the Windows SDK.      [[]] 
 +Every time you reinstall or update the Opsi-Client-Agent you must set this package to setup again. The Opsi-Client-Agent installer will override your own certificate... 
 +After using this script, restart your client!
 ==== import.ins ==== ==== import.ins ====
Line 59: Line 73:
 "%ProgramFiles32Dir%\openssl\bin\openssl" req -new -x509 -days 1000 -nodes -config %Systemdrive%\TEMP\opsiclientd.cnf -out "%ProgramFiles32Dir%\\opsi-client-agent\opsiclientd\opsiclientd.pem" -keyout "%ProgramFiles32Dir%\\opsi-client-agent\opsiclientd\opsiclientd.pem" "%ProgramFiles32Dir%\openssl\bin\openssl" req -new -x509 -days 1000 -nodes -config %Systemdrive%\TEMP\opsiclientd.cnf -out "%ProgramFiles32Dir%\\opsi-client-agent\opsiclientd\opsiclientd.pem" -keyout "%ProgramFiles32Dir%\\opsi-client-agent\opsiclientd\opsiclientd.pem"
-net stop opsiclientd +
-net start opsiclientd+
 [DosInAnIcon_Import] [DosInAnIcon_Import]
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