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Created by Cokeat3grade
Comments and improvements welcome

Tested with Opsi 4.0.1

This is a template for creating an Acronis Disk Direktor Package.
The template needs the following files:

  • cd.iso (iso image which can be created by “Rescue Media Builder” included in the Windows Installation)
  • memdisk (can be found in the latest syslinux package)
  1. Create a new NetBoot Product with following settings:
    • PXE Configuration Template: acronis
    • Setup Script: None
  2. Use the following linux commands to create the folder structure under a root shell

mkdir -p "${TFTP_PATH}/linux/{acronis,pxelinux.cfg}"
chown -R opsiconfd:pcpatch "${TFTP_PATH}"
chmod -R 775 "${TFTP_PATH}"
  1. Copy your cd.iso and memdisk file to the acronis folder
  2. Create the file acronis in the pxelinux.cfg folder
    default acronis
    label acronis
      kernel acronis/memdisk
      append iso initrd=acronis/cd.iso raw
  3. Use “chown opsiconfd:pcpatch” and “chmod 664” for the 3 files.
  4. Create your product file and try your package =) (Dont use opsi-setup –set-rights for this package or pxeboot wont work after installation!)
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