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Created by Cokeat3grade
Comments and improvements welcome

Tested with Opsi 4.0.1

This is a template for creating an Acronis Disk Direktor Package.
The template needs the following files:

  • cd.iso (iso image which can be created by “Rescue Media Builder” included in the Windows Installation)
  • memdisk (can be found in the latest syslinux package)
  1. Create a new NetBoot Product with following settings:
    • PXE Configuration Template: acronis
    • Setup Script: None
  2. Use the following linux commands to create the folder structure under a root shell
    cd /home/opsiproducts/[new prod name]/SERVER_DATA
    mkdir tftpboot
    chown opsiconfd:pcpatch tftpboot
    chmod 775 tftpboot
    cd tftpboot
    mkdir linux
    chown opsiconfd:pcpatch linux
    chmod 775 linux
    cd linux
    mkdir acronis
    chown opsiconfd:pcpatch acronis
    chmod 775 acronis
    mkdir pxelinux.cfg
    chown opsiconfd:pcpatch pxelinux.cfg
    chmod 775 pxelinux.cfg
  3. Copy your cd.iso and memdisk file to the acronis folder
  4. Create the file acronis in the pxelinux.cfg folder
    default acronis
    label acronis
      kernel acronis/memdisk
      append iso initrd=acronis/cd.iso raw
  5. Use “chown opsiconfd:pcpatch” and “chmod 664” for the 3 files.
  6. Create your product file and try your package =) (Dont use opsi-setup –set-rights for this package or pxeboot wont work after installation!)
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