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dkoch 2014/01/23 18:18 This documentation is not well tested because i am using this setup for many months. Please contact me if you face any problems

What is opsi-get?

Opsi-get is an apt-get like CLI to OPSI. Imagine you are sitting in front of a client and want to install firefox and uninstall Internet Explorer:

Hit Win+R type “opsi-get” putty will start and ask for a password. Now you are inside the opsi-get CLI:

opsi-get@host> setup firefox
opsi-get@host> unistall ie
opsi-get@host> now

Opsi will start doing what it is doing ;). This action took about 10 seconds.


How does it work?

You will have to start a SSH connection from the client to the OPSI-server. It will try to look up the Hostname of the client that is connect and will provide the selected requests to it.


  • Working DNS-Resolution with SSH
  • Putty on the Clients

Server-side Installation

# Add a new user opsi-get
# The password you provide here will be used for the remote access later 
adduser opsi-get

# Allow opsi-get to access opsi-admin by adding him to the opsi-admin group
adduser opsi-get opsi-admin

# Download the newest version of opsi-get to the home directory of opsi-get
wget -NO /home/opsi-get/opsi-get;a=blob_plain;f=opsi-get

# Make the shell executable 
chmox +x /home/opsi-get/opsi-get

# Fix permissions
chown opsi-get:opsi-get /home/opsi-get -R

# Restrict User opsi-get to the opsi-get shell
usermod opsi-get --shell /home/opsi-get/opsi-get

Thats it. Connect to your opsi-server as user opsi-get and the CLI will open. I will provide a nice Client-side setup later. Maybe as .opsi. Basically you can create a cmd-Script named “opsi-get.cmd” in Windows\system containing the following:

start %PATH_TO_PUTTY%\putty.exe
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