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Include pixz/pxz into bootimage

This was tested with Version 20131121-1 of the bootimage from testing. Its possible that this also works on other version. If not please report it to me — dkoch 2014/02/06 13:23

The OPSI-Bootimage lacks support for parallel xz compression which was recommended in my environment so i included it. XZ has compressed an image of 10GB to 4,4GB compared to gzip while more or less decompressing it as fast as gzip. I am using this with ntfs-write-image and ntfs-restore-image.


  • Webserver of choice
  • pre-execute parameter of bootimage

Setup Webserver

Get the files needed for pxz and pixz from my webserver

and store them in your document root of the Webserver. ( /var/www/ is the default if you are running apache2 for example ) If you don't have a webserver yet install it on your opsi-server by executing these commands ( these include download of required packages and fixing permissions )

apt-get install apache2 -y
wget -N -O /var/www/pixz.tar.gz
wget -N -O /var/www/pxz.tar.gz
chown www-data:www-data /var/www/ -R

Create another file named in your document root as follows:


wget -N domain-of-the-webserver/pxz.tar.gz
wget -N domain-of-the-webserver/pixz.tar.gz
# If you do not want to setup your own webserver you can insert my public webserver ( this is not recommended! ) 

tar xaf pxz.tar.gz
tar xaf pixz.tar.gz

cp -a lib/* /lib/
cp -a usr/* /usr/

exit 0

This script will download pxz and pixz from domain-of-the-webserver and patches the boot image before CLIENT_DATA scripts are executed.

Setup Opsi

In order to execute it you have to add this value to your opsiconfd-settings (host-parameters)

 opsi-linux-bootimage.append pre-execute=http://domain-of-the-webserver/
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