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DomainJoin for Windows XP

History: Thomas_H 2011/11/11 08:08 (Windows XP unattended.txt)

Windows XP unattended.txt

via unattended.txt (to be found in /opt/pcbin/install/winxppro/custom)

Find the section named [Identification]

JoinDomain = mydomain
DomainAdmin = <username who is allowed to do a join>
DomainAdminPassword = "password"
CreateComputerAccountInDomain = yes
DoOldStyleDomainJoin = No

JoinDomain: it seems *not* to be “mydomain.local” or anything else. If your Windows-Domain is “sillynet” and your opsi-server answers the 'hostname -f' with a “opsiserver.sillynet.local” so nevertheless the windows-domain is “sillynet” without quotations!
DomainAdmin: This is the account who is allowed to join clients on the PDC (Primary Domain Controller). If you have a special user, who's only allow to join clients so it's more safe.
DomainAdminPassword: is the password of this administrative account in quotations (“”)
CreateComputerAccountInDomain: should an account be created in the PDC for this client? If so, you will find “user” named (for example) “MyClient$” in the userlist of the PDC (please note: I don't know how it looks like in MySQL, LDAP or comparable - I use passwd. Please edit this if you add this information)

Let's say your domain is “sillynet”, your administrative account is a user named “JoinDom” and his password is “funnynet”. So your [Identification]-Section has to look like this:

JoinDomain = sillynet
DomainAdmin = JoinDom
DomainAdminPassword = "funnynet"
CreateComputerAccountInDomain = yes
DoOldStyleDomainJoin = No

Attention: Make sure the name of the client follows the directions of the Samba-PDC! Not every client-name accepted by Windows© is also accepted by a Samba-PDC!

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